Our first short film ‘Khatoon Ki Khidmat’ is a satirical comedy based on negligence and orthodox beliefs of the society and how the protagonist gets caught between the two school of thoughts. It is a Perfect 10 winner in the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) 2018 under the ‘Royal Stag Large Short Films category.’

This short film is about a newly married couple where the wife is better educated than the husband. The husband Gufran loves his wife Nazma and wants to give her everything she desires for. However her desire for a television becomes really difficult for him. He is an obedient son to his father who is old school and very strict about his version of belief. Gufran’s father believes that television and other sources of entertainment close the door to angels in the house. He believes them as a bad influence and a threat to religion. Gufran is stuck between keeping his wife happy and also obeying his father. The film indirectly reflects the pros and cons of beliefs.