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Our Work Flow


Script & Screenplays

We are always on the lookout for scripts and writers who want to collaborate on a story idea and convert it into a full-length screenplay. We strongly encourage new talent, fresh ideas, and unique concepts. We give our writers an opportunity to be creative and freely express their ideas. To work with us as a scriptwriter, mail us a short introduction about yourself, a paragraph highlighting your writing experience and relevant credentials along with your IMDB profile or work portfolio on



Our next step is to gather a creative team of talented crew members who can help us turn our vision into a reality. We closely work with the director and our core team to convert the script into a visual storyboard and brainstorm all the ideas. It involves exploring the look and feel of the film, scouting locations, casting for different roles and planning the shoot. We spend a good amount of time in pre production as we believe that being well organised and well planned is crucial for a successful shoot.



Our production team is led by our talented Executive Producer Ms. Deepali Garg who has worked in this industry for years and has a hands-on experience of managing all the departments. Our production team comprises of a Line Producer, Production Manager and assistants who all work together with a goal of making the shoot easy and hassle free. We believe that a happy team is the key to a good film and it is important to have a safe environment where everyone in the team can enjoy their work while being committed towards the project.


Post production

After the shoot is complete, we come on to the final step which includes organizing, cutting, coloring and editing the footage captured in production. This process involves reviewing the footage and editing it together with audio and visual effects. We collaborate with the editing team, music director and sound designer who work together to enhance the overall story of the film. With skilful editing, ourfilm reaches its full potential. All these elements are woven together to create a multisensory experience we call a movie.