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What We Do


We produce short films, films and web series. Our focus remains on content which is raw, unique, authentic and off beat.


We collaborate with directors as the script demands. We also offer opportunities to young, talented and aspiring directors and writers.

film festivals

Our films have always been appreciated by film festivals and critics. We are soon launching our own film festival also to give opportunities to budding talent.

film awards

Our film Khatoon Ki Khidmat is a Royal Stag Large Short film winner in Mumbai Film Festival 2018. Apart from these it has earned several awards in Pune Film Festival and Lakecity Film Festival as well.

short films

Our short film 'Khatoon Ki Khidmat' has won several awards in film festivals. Our 2 more short films are currently under post production.

web series

We are soon producing a web series for which we are looking for some talented writers and directors.


We intend to produce a full length feature film for web and for the big screen soon.

tv commercials

We provide all kinds of video services including TVCs, digital ads, corporate Avs etc. to brands and agencies.

Short Film


Khatoon Ki Khidmat is a satirical comedy based on negligence and orthodox beliefs of the society and how the protagonist gets caught between the two school of thoughts. It won many awards in film festivals apart from being a Perfect 10 winner in the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) 2018 under the ‘Royal Stag Large Short Films category.’


Khatoon Ki Khidmat had me smiling all the way through. The rhythm of the movie is well-maintained and goes hand in hand with the current political turbulence that the country is going through in the matters of Islamic or perhaps the broader religious question.

- Flickside


The short film is a nuanced and skilful portrayal of how humour can be found even in the most tragic situations. Along with being a subtle but impactful comment on gender, it also shows the struggle of straddling modernity and tradition.

- Shorted


प्रेमचंद की कहानियों जैसी सादगी का जादू बिखेरने वाली एक शॉर्ट फिल्म, ‘ख़ातून की ख़िदमत’ रोज़मर्रा के एक मसले को बड़ी ही ख़ूबसूरती से उकेरती है

- Shubham Upadhyay, Satyagrah


The short film surely brings out the humour in the tiniest of situations and leaves you with a laugh while raising questions about society and religion. It throws a light on the struggle between tradition and modernity as well as different valid interpretations of religion.

- Telangana Today